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Pee Wee Football Homecoming


Friday night John was determined to attend his Pee Wee Cowboy football team’s homecoming pep rally.  So he did, but he never expected that when they pulled the homecoming king’s name out of the hat that it would be his name.   The look on John’s face was absolutely priceless!  This was one of those moments that he’ll probably remember for the rest of his life and I am so thankful he got to enjoy the pep rally. 

John was so excited and glad that he was able to get out of the house and attend the pep rally.   Saturday afternoon he was able to attend the homecoming game and support his team as they played the Panthers as well as watch his older sister perform at halftime.   Even though John has not been able to play in the last few games the Mesquite Cowboys Family still considers him very much part of their team.

The Mesquite Cowboys Family has been nothing but great to John and our family. Their kind words, encouragement, prayers and motivation has continued to lift our spirits.  It’s very uplifting when a stranger walks up to you and tells you how they have been praying for you and your family or tells you their testimony in hopes of giving you that extra encouragement that you may need.  We will be forever grateful for all their support!

This week John will go to clinic as he continues immunotherapy and hopefully return back to school.  The last few days were so much more than John just winning Homecoming King.  This weekend was us knowing that “God’s Got This” and for us to continue to be encouraged no matter what. 

We thank everyone who has been there for our family in any way and ask that you continue to pray for John as he continues to go through immunotherapy. 

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