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Trinity Strong


Looking at the smile on this young girl’s face you would never imagine everything that her and her family have been through within the last year.  Despite it all, she continues to smile and be an encouragement to others.

Trinity’s battle began in June of 2015 while on vacation with her father and her sister.  This was right before her 11th birthday. Trinity was originally told she had a viral infection and sent home with nausea medicine.  A few days after not getting any better she was rushed back to the hospital and her x-rays revealed that there was fluid in her lungs.  After doing more testing they found that her lung was collapsed and she had a mass in her chest about the size of an orange.  Trinity was then diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a very rare form of cancer. 

Trinity is now 12 years old and full of life, but has a long road ahead of her.   Within the past year Trinity has been through extensive testing, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  Her recent scans showed that she still has tumors and the larger tumor has had no changes.  After consultation with St. Jude it was decided that surgery is no longer an option.   Therefore, Trinity  is currently going through 4 rounds of 5 days of chemotherapy.

Please join us as we pray for Trinity and her family.  We pray that this set of rounds of chemotherapy shrink her tumors and heals her body.  

Children like Trinity are the reason why Childhood Cancer Awareness is so vital.  We must continue to do everything that we can until there is a cure and there are no more children suffering from this awful disease. 

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